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My girlfriend and I had been engaged for almost 18 months and we had planned to marry in the Autumn of 2011. However, 2 months before the wedding my girlfriend decided to go off on holiday with one of her old friends, and when she came back she was a different person from the girl I used to know.

Michael Collier, Kettering, Northants

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shashibhushanji-x150I am UK Based Guruji, the world renowned Top Best Psychic, Love Psychic, Astrologer, Palmist and I specialise in creating astrological charts that will help you determine your path in life.
Indian Astrology is a centuries old science that has been used to ..

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Around this time of year many people from many different countries and cultures, become preoccupied with buying presents, buying additional food and drink in preparation of the seasonal festivities. The Christmas period is for many, a happy and joyous time. It's a time to be thinking about those closest to us but it's also a time when we should be thinking about others. There will no doubt be plenty of people who will for one reason or another, not be able to enjoy the spirit of Christmas this year. Some will be homeless, some will be without friends and family and some will be without that most precious gift of all... hope. 

Traditionally Christmas is a time when families get together and share their goodwill by giving and receiving gifts. We have all moved some distance from the original meaning of Christmas but hopefully we still maintain the principle,

which is to give to others. I know that many people are very

shashibhushanji-x150Guruji is the world renowned Indian Vedic Astrologer and Love Psychic and is based in Birmingham, England. He also has a consultancy in South London, where he can arrange to meet clients who are based in the South of the country. He has been practising astrology and horoscope reading for almost 40 years and has thousands of followers from every corner of the earth.

Born in Delhi, India he comes from a long line of accomplished astrologers, who for more than a century have been helping and advising people about important long-term and every day issues. Guruji acknowledges that his psychic powers have been inherited from his father and this inner vision he possesses aids him in creating incredibly accurate natal chart readings.

People who consult with and seek the services of Guruji can expect complete transparency and honesty in everything he says and does. Guruji is a reputable psychic and prides himself on being able to deliver results, offer advice and help guide you on your hectic journey through life.

So, if you're looking for a precise horoscope reading that you can depend on then you can trust Guruji to deliver a reliable, accurate, honest and objective picture of what lies ahead. One consultation is all it takes to learn more about yourself and your fate than you could ever have imagined.

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I want to let you know by your help & advice I got the job and the girl friend. To my surprise the telephone reading was so right , so accurate. Thank you
Dabbie , Cardiff jan 2006
I had been married for just 2 years when things started to go wrong. My wife was beginning to go out more with her friends and was hardly ever home. She began to neglect our home and was very distant with me. I tried speaking with her about this to see if we could resolve our relationship problems but she just didn't seem interested. She was obviously not committed to our marriage vows and I felt as though I was losing her. After much deliberation I contacted Love Psychic Guruji and told him about my problem. I didn't really think he could do anything but I was desperate. Well, after a week things began to change. My wife became more interested in me and now she and I are very happy. We have just had our first child and things could not be better. I have to thank Guruji for this. His wisdom and power somehow turned my life around and I'm so grateful.
John Miller, Putney, London March 2012
This was very thorough and satisfying and seemed extremely accurate with many elements that I had encountered before in previous readings. It is very helpful and provides insight and guidance for managing and understanding my current life. I may be interested in giving this as a gift to some of my friends. Thank you.
kalven ,Las Vegas , United States may 2007
The Astrological reading was excellent, and I appreciated the thoroughness of it. Also, I appreciated the honesty of this site -- it was genuine, like it said, Thanks!
Karren, Manchester UK jan 2007
My girlfriend and I had been engaged for almost 18 months and we had planned to marry in the Autumn of 2011. However, 2 months before the wedding my girlfriend decided to go off on holiday with one of her old friends, and when she came back she was a different person from the girl I used to know. She said she now had a change of heart and didn't really want to get married. I was devastated and didn't know which way to turn. I love her deeply and I just couldn't imagine life without her. I tried talking to her and even her parents tried talking her round but it seemed she had made up her mind, and it was all over. She moved out of our shared flat and that's when I contacted Love Psychic Guruji. Guruji advised me to be patient as he worked his psychic power. Two weeks later, to my amazement my girlfriend just came back and moved back into the flat as if nothing had happened. All she wants to do now is talk about getting married. I can't thank Guruji enough for all his help and divine intervention.
Michael Collier, Kettering, Northants March 2012
My boyfriend and I were in love for 3 and half years and we lived together almost 2 and half year. He used to care me more than his own life. He used to love me and take care of me like a baby. Then suddenly he started to act wired since last September and broke up with me in November saying he has a new girl friend. But again he started to come back to me since December 2008. But finally on 24th December 2008 I figured out he was sleeping with that girl and me at the same time. That girl is known as a very bad girl and my boy friend knows that but still he is with her. That's little unusual for him. It almost feels like someone did something to him. Then I saw Gurujee advert on internet and I called him. First he asked me for my boyfriend photograph then he advised me some remedies and with in 4 week my boyfriend come back to me and first time he said sorry to me. I am very happy now. I want to say thanks to Gurujee good luck
Miss B.Kaur, London UK FEB 2009
I came to see Guruji in April of 2010, at that time I was in a very bad emotional and physical state. I had interacted with a physic healer before I met with Guruji, who promised me he would reunite me with my lost love in a matter of days, he guaranteed this to me. He took a large amount of money from me and was based in Canada, America. He kept saying how it's a difficult case and he will need more and more money, I became tired of his unfulfilled promises and refused to continue. That is when I came to see Guruji after researching him on the net and all the positive feedback he has had with similar cases. Guruji recognised my state and understood how I was feeling 100%. Guruji started my work and made predictions to how things will happen when he does come back, things like what he will say and things he will do. He helped me regain my confidence and appreciate myself as these things were lacking in my life. He continually reassured me when I felt down. Four months down the line my boyfriend is back in my life and he is more caring and considerate then he was before this happened. All the predictions made by Guruji have come to light and I have been astonished at the accuracy of his predictions. I am in a much better place now than I ever was before I met with Guruji.He is modest, sincere and 100% genuine, I was afraid before I met him because of bad experiences with bad apples in the industry but I am so glad I met Guruji as he is truly amazing, I feel like I have found a friend in him. I cannot thank you enough for all the support and guidance you have given me.
Miss Razia khan, UK. August 2010
I came across your web site while I was hunting who can solve my problems...I am from London and I was suffering from hard black magic, something very strange which is within myself or in house (In my dream) see myself doing lots of dirty thing or bringing dirt in my house and I am losing my money, Block of money, tension and my mind not working and feeling very desperate...strange…lonely. My wife do same sort of dreams too Not getting any success from any puja or Spiritual heals.Don't get on with friend or family It's like a barrier in our life. We call Gurujee Maharaj and visited his office at hands worth, Birmingham (UK). Gurujee read our horoscope, palm and face and gave us 100% correct reading and advised us some spiritual remedies and with in 6 weeks we feeling 90% better then before and now we are very happy
Hello Gurujee-Namaskar-I want to let you know that you have done so much for me and my family because that time me and my family suffered from black magic, therefore loss of money, hardship in life but by the grace of God and your advise now we are leading a very happy life.
Mr & Mrs Sharma (Germany) Jan-2004
I was with a girl for 8 months. We were in love and agreed to get married as we were the right age and cared and loved each other alot. Our families were happy and united as 1 big family. Suddenly we were arguing alot and disagreeing and she ended it with me even though I was deeply in love, she left me and cancelled all wedding arrangements and left me uteerly heartborken. Gurujee helped me and gave strong advice for 3 months of what to do and when to do it. Slowly she changed her mind and saw I was good for her and can love her properly and she stopped listening to jealous friends and negative thoughts in her mind. She is very stubborn normally but apologised for how she acted and has now decided she wants to marry me and start a new life with me as she loves me. We will marry this year.
Hi, I'm a dentist and have been running my own practice for 20 yrs. Earlier this year, I started hating my job, I didn't feel like working, stopped attending panel consultations etc etc. As a result, I had to close my surgery. I couldn't understand why I was feeling this way. I loved my profession & had gained respect & reputation through the years. Kept asking myself, why was I feeling like this? I started searching on the internet for astrologers, with hope that someone genuine could tell me what was happening to me, where destiny was leading me to. I came across Gurujee Maharaj's website and contacted him. Within 10 minutes of speaking to him, he told me I've become a victim of Black Magic. He told me someone is trying to ruin your prosperity and will then try to break your family. Though I was speechless after learning about this news, I focused purely on Gurujee's guidance. He started working on my case immediately. Within 8 weeks, I started getting job offers from several dental practices. I was being asked to host conferences etc again (as in the past). I re-opened my old practice last month & am reaching higher levels of success in my profession. I owe all of this to Gurujee, who's hard work & dedication to solving my problem allowed me to live my life freely again. All my gratitude to you Sir, I'm truly thankful. I 100% recommend anyone who has any problems to consult Gurujee at once!
Mr B Singh 20/09/2011, UK
Hello everyone, my name is Raj Kumar. I was leading a normal happy life with my wife & kids up until last year when my wife left me for another man. A man from her office, she was having an affair with. She left me & our children & cut all forms of communication. I was devastated, shocked and didn't know what to do. I didn't want to divorce her; I just wanted my family back together the way it used to be. A friend recommended Gurujee to me and said he can help reunite me with my wife. After viewing his website & reading the testimonials, I found that other people who had the same problems as me were happy with his results. So I called him immediately. Gurujee told me it would take 2/3 months to bring back your wife, and advised me about the remedies. To my surprise, my wife started calling me after just 6 weeks since leaving our home. She was very apologetic & wanted to meet me on a regular basis. Shortly after that time, my wife came back to our family home & we are back together as a family, stronger than ever before. I don't know what I'd do without Gurujee's help. His devotion to me, my feelings & easing my pain is outstanding. He gave me results & can definitely help anyone who's troubled. Thank you very much Gurujee, for helping me get my life back on track!
Mr Raj Kumar 13/03/2011
My life was in turmoil and I didn't have any peace of mind, I needed some spiritual help and guidance, so I consulted Gurujee Maharaj. I wanted my birth chart created and then Gurujee explained to me what remedies would be beneficial to me and all areas of my life. A year ago my life was full of trials and tribulations, nothing was going right. I had big financial problems, my health was suffering all the time, my marriage was falling apart, I was always miserable and depressed because I didn't know who to turn to for help. After consulting Gurujee and getting help, my life has become so much better, my worries have simply drifted away. All the changes that have occurred have been completely positive - my health is good, my money worries have been resolved, and the most important I know that my marriage has been saved by Gurujee's help. I recommend Gurujee Maharaj to everyone, by the grace of God he has the power to enrich people's lives for the better
Neelam khan Birmingham march 2008
I had seen your interview on zee TV in programme (out and about) and it came at a time when I was suffering from health and hardship in my married life, after seen you interview I had no where to turn except for you, you saw my palm, horoscope and let me some remedies then by the grace of god and you Gurujee, my health and married life is on the road to recovery.
Paramjit Singh (Birmingham) Feb. 2005.
Respected Gurujee Maharaj-I am very grateful for your help and support support and religious Jantra Puja remedies. You have done so much for me. Thank you very much.
Rahul, New York , United States jan 2008
Three weeks after I came back from my annual visit to India, I fell ill with a mysterious illness. Doctors were unsure what was causing it and I had to undergo all kinds of tests. None of the tests revealed anything out of the ordinary, although I felt every bone in my body was about to break. I literally ached from head to toe and so I took to my bed. Then I went completely off my food. I just didn't want to eat anything, I didn't want to speak to anyone and I felt as though my time had come. My wife, without my knowledge, contacted Guruji and explained my symptoms, as she was certain I had contracted something in India. When she mentioned that I had made a few enemies in India over a dispute about some land, Guruji seemed to know exactly what my problem was. I had become the victim of a black magic spell. She then told me what she told Guruji, and said he advised me to wear a Special Power Kavach' which is a talisman he had sent me. I was too weak at the time to remember everything she said but I can remember feeling slightly better the very first day she put the talisman around my neck. Each day afterwards I felt better and stronger
Raj Kumar (U.S.A) march 2005
Gurujee managed to take the black magic away from my wife to be and bring her back to me. He identified complications and problems that made my loving girlfriend leave me and want to stay away from me. In a matter of two months she has come back to me and wants to marry me and is in love with me. We are now planning our marriage for this year. I never thought this would happen after she left me. Thank you once again gurujee.
Rashid Chandarana, Hinckley, Leics
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know about my experience with Gurujee as I am one of his clients. Last year, my boyfriend and I broke up after a silly argument. I thought we'd get back together, but he stopped talking to me & didn't want to know me anymore. I desperately wanted to get back together, as we'd been in a relationship for 6 years and had intentions to get married. After typing 'bring lover back' on Google, I came across Gurujee's website & asked if he could help me. He told me it would take 3 months & cost £3,500. I found him too expensive so decided to shop around for other astrologers who were cheaper. I found one specialist, who said it'd take 1 week & cost £1,500, so I paid him & waited but saw no results, he wouldn't even answer my calls after 2 weeks of paying him. Now feeling very frustrated, I chose to try another specialist in Canada. The man told me it would take 2/3 weeks & that his fees for the job would be £800. After waiting patiently for 1 month, I didn't see any results & the man said he can't help me anymore. I had given up! Was feeling extremely disheartened & didn't know what to do anymore. It was such a waste of all my money! After thinking deeply about what my heart wanted, and realising how much I was still missing my boyfriend, I decided to contact Gurujee again. After 9 weeks, my boyfriend arranged to meet me & apologised for what had happened & proposed to me for marriage. I was surprised. We're now happily married & are expecting our first child. I'm happier than ever! This is all thanks to Gurujee. He stood by me every step of the way. I now consult Gurujee for all matters of my life & recommend him to all my family & friends. Gurujee truly is a genuine spiritual healer & uses his skills to help us all for life long happiness. THANK YOU a million times Gurujee, God bless you!
Sanjai (New Delhi) India March 2004
When problems started in my business I wasn't too worried because I had experienced similar problems before. However, when I started getting panic attacks I was at a loss to explain what was happening to me. My doctor said the panic attacks were probably as a result of anxiety over my business. Next, I began to feel suicidal. I just couldn't help feeling the whole world was against me and why should I bother to go on living. My friends and family were obviously worried about me because they contacted Guruji. I remember speaking with Guuji on the phone and telling him how I felt. And I also remember thinking I just don't care what happens to me anymore. I had abandoned all hope of ever feeling normal and of ever seeing my business be as successful as it was. Other things began to happen too. My family began arguing over petty things and I could hear them from my bedroom saying it was all my fault that things were so bad for everyone. I phoned Guruji and asked him if he thought that maybe my condition, my business problems and my family arguments were due to some curse. He immediately began to work on a formula to rid me of any curse or black magic, and it worked almost right away. Only 3 days later I was feeling great and everything looked bright and cheerful. A couple of weeks later and business was back on track.
Sanjay Patel, Ilford March 2009

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